The Fr Mattei Vulcanescu Situation, Ongoing

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The Fr Mattei Vulcanescu Situation, Ongoing

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"Bishops that excomunicate lay people and defrock priests because they want an Orthodox baptism!
The greatest blessing is to be defrocked or excommunicated by ecumenist hierarchs for confessing Orthodoxy and anathematising ecumenism!
According to the Canonical Resources and Policies for the Reception of the Heterodox of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland (made publicly available on 9 January 2024), the Archdiocese ruled by Metropolitan Silouan (Oner) has promulgated a ‘new canon’ of the Church without any synodal approval in Section F which states that: “Any lay person who receives a ‘corrective’ baptism will be excommunicated and a clergyman will be deposed,” where ‘corrective’ baptism is when a person receives an Orthodox baptism after being received by Chrismation only. It is a misnomer to call it 'corrective' baptism, it is actually the one and unique Baptism in the Orthodox Church.
The accusation is also made against the laity and clergy [also "in some monasteries (including Mt. Athos) and perhaps in some jurisdictions"] who desire the Orthodox baptism of all non-Orthodox, as “a minority and often schismatic tendency in the Orthodox Church” and “extremists”.
This document continues to state that the baptism of heretics coming into the Orthodox Church such as the Roman Catholics, the Protestants and the Anti-Chalcedonians is forbidden because it is “forbidden to baptise twice” those who have been “baptised in/with water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” With this they publicly teach that they recognise Holy Baptism outside the boundaries of the Orthodox Church, according to the heresy of “baptismal theology” and the heresy of “incomplete churches”, as expounded by the Second Vatican Council.
This document has also misinterpreted and misused the Holy Canons, ignored Apostolic Canons 46 and 47, and misquoted the Holy Fathers Saint Cyprian of Carthage and Saint John of Damascus.
A bishop cannot make decisions against the Holy Gospel and the Holy Canons of the Orthodox Church. It is outrageous that all those who have come from outside the boundaries of the Orthodox Church, who have been received by Chrismation only, are deprived of the Holy Grace of Baptism, which is the only door of entry into the Orthodox Church.
Holy Baptism is not a magical ritual, where the outward form and words of the ritual are efficacious in and of itself, regardless of who is performing the baptism and what faith the person is being baptised into.
Link to the document below:"

Fr Joseph Suaidan (Suaiden, same guy)

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