Lots of changes as of Jan 2 (NS)

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Lots of changes as of Jan 2 (NS)

Post by Suaidan »

For those surprised by the changes that began 12/30 (and subsequent accidental erasure of half the forum) the database has been rebooted. Many of those changes are now being reflected in our latest update.

A number of new features now exist on the Cafe:

  • each user has a wall for personal commentary and networking with friends on their profile page. Feel free to check that out!
  • many of the old Stickies have been removed, as too many were not conducive to free flow of discussion.
  • more changes are coming, including efforts to make the Cafe more mobile-friendly.
  • increased image memory sizes for avatars and other images reflective of 21st century sizing.

First off, thanks to @Anastasios for all his hard work in burning the midnight oil sometimes to get the site up and running.
Well, it's a start. Have a good night!

Fr Joseph Suaidan (Suaiden, same guy)

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