European Immigrant Crisis, a Globalist Tactic?

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European Immigrant Crisis, a Globalist Tactic?

Post by Rumpelstiltskin »

This is more theoretical. But, I as working on a project and had the thought. Could the European immigrant crisis be a tactic that is actively being used by the "Global Communist/progressive etc" sphere?

To start. We know Moscow, for example, is trying to create a picture of the west being "fascists" etc, now, this is especially what they are, for the moment, mainly accusing Ukraine of (not saying it's entirely invalid to a degree, but obviously propaganda from the Kremlin).

Now, could it be possible that the immigrant crisis in Europe is an attempt to create (at a minimum the appearance of) a new arising "euro-fascism" or straight up "n@_is" (at least that's what they would call it). To create such a ridiculous crisis to encourage Europeans to lash out so the global communists etc can pin it as such (and maybe it literally does get that bad, if Europeans get mad enough [obviously would not justify it, as that would be evil]).

But could this immigrant crisis we have all seen over the years be an attempt to spark a reaction so that this "global" group can justify it's behavior for a sort of "finishing blow" to what's left of Europe?

To finish, and I know I probably didn't word it the best and wasn't really sure how else to. But this theory is also coming from the fact that we saw the USSR using the goal of "global peace" etc to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the world. Could this immigrant crisis be an attempt to start an outrage which they can spin and use it as justification to "finish off" Europe. I think it is possible, again, looking back at how Moscow is trying to pin the west as fascists etc. Maybe, what we are seeing is "global communism/progressivism/globalism etc" playing a long term game and a European immigrant crisis is a piece in that game.

Hope that wasn't too confusing, lol! :lol:

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Re: European Immigrant Crisis, a Globalist Tactic?

Post by Suaidan »

I really need to update the emojis....

I think at least some of the masks are already off at this point, and we're really dealing with a kleptocrat class which is trying to retain some semblance of power. I've see there are people in Russia moving to rural areas where it would seem their basic plan is to farm and grow vegetables. Which is the basic plan I've been suggesting for Americans for a few years now. I have a feeling that is going to be the go-to for the next few years. There is a new "cold war" happening, and it's likely these lunatics versus normal people. The people are going to have to physically stop what is going on, and while they're angry about it, they're not nearly as organized as they need to be.

Soros is trying to buy the second biggest radio network in the country. He bought Radio Mambi to neutralize it (which worked, and counter-resistance was fast, but likely flimsy.) He can't internet well, so he's aiming for grandpa's car.

Fr Joseph Suaidan (Suaiden, same guy)

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