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Re: Political cartoons and memes

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Oh - do people do that ? You can tell I don't know anything about internet behavior patterns.

What is amusing about this cartoon is that it shows the typical American protestant/evangelical approach to the Savior. These are 100% SURE that they can pick up a phone and dial a number to reach their pal, Jesus.

They naively expect that Jesus is waiting on the other end of the line to receive all their requests, like a customer service representative -

If Jesus should be slow to address their problems, as in the picture, they register a complaint.



While your description of American protestantism sounds accurate--from the ones I've heard onlline--I wouldn't want to overthink a picture. It can be misleading to see something out of context.

In any event, this is common behaviour with internet memes. Some picture with some particular context is taken and faces or text are changed to fit various situations or opinions in order to convey a message.

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