St. Sava’s Day 2013 (STOC)

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St. Sava’s Day 2013 (STOC)

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A Great Joy and Comfort - St. Sava’s Day on “The Paraclete”!
After the attack from the fanatically ecumenist Belgrade Patriarchate on “The Paraclete,” we were deemed worthy to celebrate there our greatest Serbian feast, the Serbian Pascha – the day of our holy father, St. Sava – with special solemnity and triumph. Even though the weather conditions were not the best (snowfall), nevertheless, many were able to join us to celebrate St. Sava’s Day: a fairly large number of people were able to gather, so that it was a tight fit for everyone in The Paraclete Church.
Truly, to celebrate St. Sava on the “SvetoSavan”-Martyric Paraclete with our Serbian True Orthodox Bishop and suffering confessor Fr. Maxim was a great spiritual comfort for all those present. The solemn service was crowned by Bishop Akakije’s edifying and encouraging sermon in which he interpreted the words of our Holy Father Sava, “Labor always in the immortal works of Christ – Pure faith and frequent prayer.” His Grace explained what it means to be a true “Svetosavats” (St. Savaite) and true Orthodox Christian. After the hierarchical Divine Liturgy, the children’s St. Sava festival was held in the church, for which His Grace Bishop Akakije gave the little “St. Savaites” presents upon their singing or reciting poems honoring St. Sava. After these moving events followed the agape – the dinner of love. All in all, it was beautiful and majestic.
Glory to God and St. Sava!
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Re: St. Sava’s Day 2013 (STOC)

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Congratulations, dear Father Stefan, for the feast of St. Savas! Give as well, our congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Serbia!

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Re: St. Sava’s Day 2013 (STOC)

Post by Barbara »

Nice post ; wonderful photos.
I think it's good they are documenting everything, for it will be more difficult for The Evil Parties to interfere with them
if it's all pictured well here.

Bp Akakije seems a natural-born bishop.

The children are cute. Good that they were given little gifts and special attention for reciting the songs about St Sava.

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