Flax - grown for fine linen and its seeds made into linseed oil

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Re: Flax - grown for fine linen and its seeds made into linseed oil

Postby Barbara » Sun 11 September 2016 7:35 pm

Besides the problem of GMO cotton, it appears that there is a big fraud taking place with sales of what is called Egyptian cotton, long prized for its high quality.

"American retailer Target ended all contracts with Welspun India after determining that the 100% Egyptian cotton sheets it bought from the company were made of a cheaper substitute. Other retailers including JC Penney, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond have started investigations.

Egyptian cotton is considered as luxury because of its fine fabric, durability, and light weight—and production of the stuff hasn’t been strong enough to meet global demand.

The fabric, as the name suggests, is grown in Egypt, which owns 40% of the market for “superior cottons,” as the Financial Times notes (paywall). For years, cotton was the country’s chief cash crop, earning it the nickname “white gold.” But production has fallen in recent years, as the cancellation of government subsidies and introduction of open-market policies have made cultivation more expensive

The area in Egypt devoted to harvesting cotton is forecast to fall 24% this year, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)....

This decrease means it’s unlikely that a lot of the sheets and pillow cases labeled as 100% Egyptian cotton are, in fact, genuinely pure Egyptian cotton. And the governing body for Egypt’s cotton industry is clearly aware of this."

http://qz.com/766514/why-welspun-might- ... retailers/

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