St John Maximovich:vaccinated-?

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Re: St John Maximovich:vaccinated-?

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SavaBeljovic wrote: Mon 1 July 2024 8:24 pm

Good take, I think this is a respectable position. However I don't think we can make any definitive judgement for Orthodox Christians to not get vaccinated, just recommend against it.

It matters greatly which shots we are talking about. If we are talking about those vaccines which are supposedly free from aborted infants, then I can agree with your position although I think the Church should take a hard stance as not doing so allows too much room for future mandates. If we are talking about vaccines cultured in aborted infants, I can by no means agree.

To take for example the MMR shot, cultured in the tissues of murdered infants, is ipso facto consumption of human sacrifice. This is why--and I know the opinion is unpopular--I consider "traditional" vaccines worse than mRNA clot shots. One was "only" developed by murdering infants, which is evil beyond description, but the other involves additionally taking in the concoctions made from those infants. It's ritual cannibalism dedicated to the non-gods of atheistic materialism.

All of this is awful, but still nowhere near as evil as monoclonal antibodies, that favourite of deluded conservatives.

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Re: St John Maximovich:vaccinated-?

Post by Suaidan »

SavaBeljovic wrote: Tue 2 July 2024 8:04 am
Suaidan wrote: Mon 1 July 2024 10:07 pm

I'm pretty sure our Metropolitan Anghelos made a rather clear statement against it

Was that against the clot shot or vaccines overall?

Clot shot specifically

Fr Joseph Suaidan (Suaiden, same guy)

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