Transgenderism in Greek state church book of needs

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Transgenderism in Greek state church book of needs

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So Fr. Joseph just learned about the Greek state church blessing sex change operations since at least as far back as 1985. Now I may not be as old as Fr. Joseph, but I am old enough to know that this has always been the conservative position.

Sorry for the unsavoury topic.

To all the boomers out there hurling vitriol at the kids for not knowing what gender they are--I know your secret. I was there. Transgenderism has been the uncontested, normative position of conservatives since before any of us here were born. It was only in ca. 2015 when the freaks started acting up and advertising it, that they suddenly had a problem with it to the extent that the freaks were putting on a show. If you ever heard one say "Why doesn't he go all the way and cut it off?" that is NOT a poorly phrased joke (because nobody else actually wants the guy to do that). It is how the older generations actually dealt with it.

I was there before this current mess when everybody just treated what was usually called "the operation" as a change in sex. My classmates grew up believing that a man can get "the operation" and have babies. (No, I didn't succeed in explaining how it works. You'd think someone who could pass biology could understand it.) You druncles who opined how the only difference was that the "formerly" male ones were "hotter" are just lying now. I won't repeat most of what I've heard in society but I heard it nonetheless.

It has been standard practice for many decades also, that whenever a child was born with any abnormalities in the private area, the doctors would pull the parents aside and explain that an "operation" is needed to make the child a "boy" or a "girl," stating that the child would otherwise not be able to fornicate and thus live a "normal life." And since only one of the two--castration--gave results which convinced the gullible parents, this is what was always recommended. These poor children are nowadays called "intersex," and it is falsely claimed that they are some ambiguous state in-between the sexes. This is a lie, and despite physical and hormonal abnormalities they are not in some ontologically ambiguous in-between state. (Though in cases of extreme abnormality it may be hard to make an identification.) Both genes and hormones work in a ways which preclude in-between states and true human hermaphrodites are absolutely impossible, not even in the case of bilateral chimerism. You can learn this even from studying the conditions on Wikipedia, if you bother to read details beyond the attempt to convince you otherwise.

So I guess what I'm saying is, why am I the only one who is unsurprised? It has worked this way our entire lives. When we grew up those simply were not called "transgenders" because the entire society called them "girls."

Fr. Seraphim Rose was right: We live in a society.

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