Beware: Self-driving cars = Self-crashing cars

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Beware: Self-driving cars = Self-crashing cars

Postby Maria » Thu 15 February 2018 6:02 am

Self-driving cars could easily turn into self-crashing cars that deliberately target and kill humans, expert warns

Saturday, February 10, 2018 by: David Williams

(Natural News) There has been a lot of hype surrounding self-driving cars and their potential to change the way humans use roads for a very long time. However, with all of the hope that they can change things for the better, there are also some reasons to fear for your safety while you’re in them. . . . self-driving cars are actually just highly-advanced, internet-connected, GPS-equipped computers on four wheels. And that, according to [Zach] Aysan, is where the main crux of the problem comes from: Computers-as-cars are just as vulnerable to hackers as most other kinds of computers. . . .

If a group with nefarious interests somehow manage to access and remotely control just one self-driving vehicle, they could easily and effectively turn it into a directed bomb, warns Aysan. “A fully charged Tesla traveling over 200 kilometers (125 miles) per hour that crashes into a chemical plant, electrical subsystem, oil line, or gas station will have an impact worse than bombs that terrorists set off in the middle east,” he said.

Now imagine if they could hack into and control a fleet of a hundred. Or a thousand. . . .

To read the entire article, please visit: ... umans.html

When you are driving your car on a busy city street, realize that about 90 percent of the drivers around you are impaired due to pharmaceutical drugs (all drugs have side effects), alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs. Then realize that fully 50 percent of adults are also sleep-deprived, which can be worse than a drug-induced stupor. Now add to this the possibility that these drug-impaired, sleep-deprived individuals might be "driving" the latest self-driving self-flying drone/automobiles, and you have a recipe for a major disaster.

This is yet another reason why it is important to pray unceasingly as we never know when God and His Angels will call us home to eternity. Perhaps by our prayers we will be spared any serious self-driving automobile accidents.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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Re: Beware: Self-driving cars = Self-crashing cars

Postby Barbara » Wed 28 February 2018 2:26 am

I was waiting to read this until a visit to the library, because the title sounds scary !
It's a great warning. And what's all this stupid stuff about 'flying cars' ?
To me it's just to give bored Americans something to talk about.

But - if the self-driving variety of vehicle DOES appear on roads, just imagine. The article sounds a really good warning.

Then Maria's comments are really helpful. I always get this feeling of a danger from drivers around me [ even looking at their blank faces - or faces turned somewhere ELSE rather than the road/watching for other cars ]. These figures are truly worrisome. If so bad now, how about in 4-5 more years ?

I think we all have to pray to our Guardian Angels to direct us every minute, whether driving or walking. Any misstep can cause such trouble.

That's surprising that half of all adults are sleep-deprived, but it may even be worse than that.

Recently, a shuttle bus overturned on the road from Idaho to the airport in Salt Lake City. Cause ? A sleep-deprived driver.

Truck drivers are way worse in terms of high pressure to be on schedule, I would assume. I hear that in Oregon now, semi drivers must carry some sort of device so that a central office can track their every move. How long stopped for lunch, how long it took to get gasoline, when entered this toll road. Some drivers are refusing to put up with that Big Brother interference. I expect that the idea behind the monitoring will stop accidents from weary truck drivers. There ARE too many, and quite awful ones.
But - it may also be just liberal Oregon instituting more Big Government laws.

Good post, Maria.
I think it's important for all of us to REALLY look carefully over our shoulders and then look AGAIN, and keep eyes on the other drivers. One can not count on any sort of road safety such as existed 10 years ago, let alone when we were growing up. No one even thought of car accidents then [comparatively so].

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