The Virgin Birth

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The Virgin Birth

Post by 尼古拉前执事 »

Some interesting quotes from a liberal editorial at

Americans are three times as likely to believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus (83 percent) as in evolution (28 percent).

The unproved THEORY of evolution is taught in our schools, why?

Americans believe, 58 percent to 40 percent, that it is necessary to believe in God to be moral. In France, only 13 percent agree with the U.S. view.

America is so pious that not only do 91 percent of Christians say they believe in the Virgin Birth, but so do an astonishing 47 percent of U.S. non-Christians.

The source of that data is a Harris Poll from Aug. 12, 1998, with a sample of 1,011 adults. That survey found that 94 percent of adults believe in God, 86 percent believe in miracles, 89 percent believe in Heaven, and 73 percent believe in the Devil and in Hell.
Justin Kissel

Post by Justin Kissel »

The article was titled: "Believe It, or Not," and in answer to the admittedly rhetorical question: I don't believe it. That is, I don't believe those stats; not for a moment.
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Post by TomS »

Here's a quote from that article:

"My grandfather was fairly typical of his generation: A devout and active Presbyterian elder, he nonetheless believed firmly in evolution and regarded the Virgin Birth as a pious legend. "

WHAT??!!! How can you be a Christian and not believe in the Virgin Birth??? That is absolutely totally ILLOGICAL.
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Post by Gregory2 »

These stats are encouraging.

My priest has good hopes for the growth of Orthodoxy in America -- so many Americans are seeking the Truth.
Justin Kissel

Post by Justin Kissel »

The unproved THEORY of evolution is taught in our schools, why?
Probably because about half the scientific "knowledge" becomes meaningless bunk if the theory of evolution falls. Everything from paleontology to (secular) anthropology relies on the theory of evolution as a foundation. Also, an acceptance of the theory of evolution usually goes hand in hand with a rejection of a young earth theory, which only creates a whole new batch of problems (from a creationist's POV). It's not just a theory, it's a foundation of their whole world-view.
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