Months and Days of the Week in Russian

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Months and Days of the Week in Russian

Postby Maria » Sun 23 February 2014 12:03 am

Looking at some online news sites in Russia, I discovered the Russian for February: Феврaля


Putin is featured petting a leopard in this news story dated February 4, 2014:

Is this a good site for news?
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Alexander Kuzmin
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Re: Months and Days of the Week in Russian

Postby Alexander Kuzmin » Thu 27 February 2014 1:49 pm

Dear Maria, forgive me that I was so slow in answering!
Yes, reading the news titles is a very good practice. And write down to the cards the words that you did not know.
I suggest you the following web-cites:

Church news: (RTOC news, updated very seldom)

Сivil news:

Here is a translator to help you: ... rmtlang=en
After translation a word press "View detailed dictionary" to get more info about the word and to listen how it sounds.
The big advantage of this translator is that it gives the primary form of the word (not the word in cases or tense). For example try to translate the word февраля. This is a genetive form of the word февраль. You will get the basic form and you will be able to listen for its pronunciation (when pressing the icon with a speaker).

And here are the months in Russian:

And I like this picture of Putin better Image:
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