Cry4 in bird's eyes may enable them to see magnetic fields

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Cry4 in bird's eyes may enable them to see magnetic fields

Postby Maria » Wed 4 April 2018 4:45 am


Science News wrote:Birds get their internal compass from this newly ID’d eye protein
‘Sixth sense’ lets zebra finches and European robins navigate using Earth’s magnetic field
By Dan Garisto

7:00am, April 3, 2018

Birds can sense Earth’s magnetic field, and this uncanny ability may help them fly home from unfamiliar places or navigate migrations that span tens of thousands of kilometers. ...

Scientists have now pinpointed a possible protein behind this “sixth sense.” Two new studies — one examining zebra finches published March 28 in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the other looking at European robins published January 22 in Current Biology — both single out Cry4, a light-sensitive protein found in the retina. If the researchers are correct, this would be the first time a specific molecule responsible for the detection of magnetic fields has been identified in animals. ...

To view the article, please visit: ... =r_science

I can just imagine that some Monsanto scientist will now try to splice a Cry4 gene into a human.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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