Avoiding PMS, Menopause & Perimenopause

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Avoiding PMS, Menopause & Perimenopause

Postby Barbara » Thu 15 February 2018 4:02 am

This will not be a fully detailed reply, but aim at sketching an outline of what a woman can do to quell those problems. It is in reply to Maria's mention in the Modest and Immodest Dress thread above.

Immediately, one must skip any idea whatsoever of that horrific "replacement therapy". Without having read a word about it, I can safely say that this is a gimmick to roll in the dollars to gynecologists' offices - and whoever else advises such a drastic thing. In short, never consider this solution for an instant.

Instead, women of any age can prepare themselves to sail through what is billed as nightmarish time in their lives. However, women in traditional societies who lead a healthy life can get through even childbirth -- and go back to hard labor outdoors the next day ! I interviewed people myself in foreign countries who did this and never thought of a need for recovering for months, let alone weeks.
Clearly, childbirth was relatively easy because their diet was packed full of minerals and vitamins from eating the right foods. The women were hardy and active. They did not go to ridiculous 'gyms' for artificial exercise - which 'gyms', by the way, I would contend are deleterious. Instead, they worked the land, collected the harvest, picked fruit, and other wholesome, time-honored occupations.

If this feat is possible for these women, then what can we expect about their menopause years ? Probably easy.

That tells us that the contemporary American hype about these supposedly terrifying, tormenting years is entirely false. It is yet another myth generated by the pharmaceutical and medical industries to pull in billions of dollars.

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Here are a few pointers for women of ANY age.

1. All this suffering is caused by over-toxic systems. Eat the right diet to begin with and this time will be a relative breeze, and certainly without such an earthshaking to-do as women have been programmed to expect today. If already toxic from a bad regime all one's life, it's now time to de-tox ! How best to do that may follow.

2. The question of hormones is so overinflated that Americans have been trained to relate everything to their paucity.
In fact, the system is much more complex than this or that hormone kicking up a fuss, causing strange mood changes and bizarre behavior - most often associated with women at these various times of their life.

3. If one wants to look at the question of hormones, then here is the best way to address imbalances. Simplified, the adrenal glands are forced to take over the production of feminine hormones after menopause. When the adrenals are tired and underfunctioning - which is the case for most every American woman today - guess what ? Few hormones are produced, or perhaps not of the right quality.
What is the solution ? Never to resort to this frightening replacement therapy, but instead to choose healthy ways to shore up the adrenals. One needs to go to the root of the problem, not passively agree to a fashionable treatment.

Unlike the liver, which can quickly be rejuvenated, the adrenals take A LONG TIME and conscientious effort to get them to spring back once depleted. I can write about this topic later, but there are a few excellent books which cover the subject in great detail if anyone is interested to get the complete story.

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