White Matter Disease (as seen in MRIs)

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White Matter Disease (as seen in MRIs)

Postby Maria » Fri 22 December 2017 6:11 am

... Just what is white matter disease of the brain? As you all may be aware of in very simple terms the brain is made of grey matter (comprising the cell bodies of the neurons) and white matter (fiber tracts). Think of white matter disease as changes seen in the white matter of different parts (lobes) of the brain visualized on a MRI scan of the brain. Either the white matter appears scarred or atrophic. If the white matter is examined under the microscope, degenerative (ischemic) changes are visualized in the small blood vessels hence the term ischemic microvascular small vessel disease is sometimes used. A point to remember here is that these white matter changes visualized on the brain MRI can be seen in many different diseases of the brain-diseases as diverse as leukodystrophies, nutritional deficiencies, toxic drug exposures, vascular dementia and multiple sclerosis (MS). So the radiologist’s report invariably lists all these differential diagnoses and when patients read their MRI report they get worried. Many write in to me asking me if they have MS.

To read the entire article written by a doctor, please see: https://braindiseases.wordpress.com/201 ... d-i-worry/
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