Holy Trinity from the eastern fathers

Patristic theology, and traditional teachings of Orthodoxy from the Church fathers of apostolic times to the present.

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Holy Trinity from the eastern fathers

Postby Extranjero » Tue 23 January 2018 4:19 am

Hi. I would like to know what is the most complete theological comment about the Holy Trinity in the Eastern Fathers? There is in the oriental patristic sources something similar to De Trinitate of Saint Agustin?

I have read some short -but of course deep- texts of Saint Basilio (an Homily) and Saint Gregory of Nyssa (in his Catechism), but I would like find something more.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Holy Trinity from the eastern fathers

Postby d9popov » Thu 22 February 2018 2:21 am

The Orthodox Church does not have any one Church Father who is "The Theologian" as Augustine or Aquinas were at times in the Latin Church. Likewise there is no single document about the Trinity that has everything of value. Off the top of my head, I would suggest: (1) The Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit, by Saint Photius; (2) The Synodicon of the Holy Spirit; and (3) The Apodictic Discourses Against the Latins on the Procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father Alone, by Saint Gregory Palamas. The first two have been translated into English, the third has not been. If I can find an English-language summary of the Apodictic Discourses, I will post it.

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