Patriarch of Moscow Cyril - There is only one Church!

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Re: Patriarch of Moscow Cyril - There is only one Church!

Postby Barbara » Tue 5 January 2016 4:14 am

By the way, the article in Jordanville's Orthodox Life publication is taken from Fr Michael Polsky's book on the New Martyrs.

He, interestingly, draws attention to similarities in the thinking of Rocor's first First Hierarch Metropolitan Anthony and Archbishop Hilarion [Troitsky]. Fr Michael Polsky seems to feel that two were in close harmony in their Church views.

The article in Orthodox Life has so much more life in it. It is by turns gripping, tragic, touching, inspiring.

The Orthodox Word article by MP Met John of St Petersburg seems to have taken much of its material from Fr Michael Polsky but presented it in a far less engaging way. The effect is a certain flatness. One does not feel on the edge of one's chair in concern about Archbishop Hilarion's fate the way one does when reading the Fr Michael Polsky version.

I noticed a tremendous difference, which may have its roots in the fundamental difference between Rocor and the Moscow Patriarchate.
The first full of life and vibrancy. The second prosaic, stilted, not natural, some deadness.

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Re: Patriarch of Moscow Cyril - There is only one Church!

Postby Isaakos » Mon 18 April 2016 10:19 pm

This is where we need to be careful. Met Hilarion did not exactly support Sergius. He denounced his attempt to subvert the Church to the godless atheists, BUT he did believe that in all strictness Sergius remained the canonical Hierarch. He was more of a middle-road approach, trying to avoid zealotry but criticizing that which was objectively sinful.

This is the point where many stumble, because, yes we cannot leave a Hierarch unless he is a public heretic, as the canons clearly say.

But we have to understand that schism is worse than heresy. And we also have to understand that the perpetual disdaining of canons and refusal to be corrected is already schism. So even though we shouldn't leave a Hierarch for merely canonical infractions, mich is to be said for context. What about violating the canons in regard to the election of a new first-Hierarch? And these are despised by the pseudo-elected Hierarch? This is a schism. What about when you have a Hierarch like Sergius make unilateral grab for power? This is also schism.

So it calls for discernment, because many are not willing to concede that. Yet the saints DID concede that, as St Joseph of Petrograd makes clear.
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Re: Patriarch of Moscow Cyril - There is only one Church!

Postby Barbara » Tue 19 April 2016 3:16 am

Aha. I am glad you have researched this subject, Isaakos !
I am happy for any further insight I can gain. I have felt perplexed about this unusual character, Abp Hilarion [Troitsky]. I can't make up my mind what I think entirely.

Hmm, I guess I see what you mean about the middle path he chose regarding Met Sergius's behavior.
However the material I read seemed to depict Abp Hilarion as outraged against "the Josephites".
He was actively seeking to break the latter away from their righteous course. Thus, I can't see Abp Hilarion as all that moderate.
I still view him as regrettably far more to the left than he should have been to be correct. The Josephites weren't fanatics, after all. Had they been, maybe Abp Hilarion's stance would have seemed more worthy of respect and fair.

But he was too persecuting of the Josephites ! Why ??

I get your point about the schism and heresy. But I have to think about this a little more for it to soak in.

Thanks for your brave taking up of the challenge to sift through all this very hazy and dangerous time in Church history.

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