Can icons representing the Father be venerated?

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Re: Can icons representing the Father be venerated?

Postby jdigrande » Wed 2 May 2018 2:55 am

The issue is the proposition that the Father can be depicted or circumscribed as a Father in human form.

First of all Christ depicted Him in words as "Our Father."

Second there are many ikons with the blessing hand of the Father depicted in the right upper corner and no one has protested against this to my knowledge.

Third- the Holy Spirit was circumscribed as a Dove in ikons of the Baptism of Christ.The Holy Spirit is also depicted as flames above the heads of the Apostles at Pentecost.

The Father as Ancient of Days has also been depicted in words in the Bible.

The Council of 1666 was redefined by ROCOR and St. Philaret in 1974 as having "never existed" due to the decisions related to the Old Rite and the persecution of St. Nikon by Tsar Alexi Romanov. I think it is also denied because of the canons on ikonography.

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