St. Michael is Seraph & Cherub; He is of highest rank.

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St. Michael is Seraph & Cherub; He is of highest rank.

Postby Maria » Mon 9 February 2015 9:08 pm

According to the prayers of the services to St. Michael, he is both Seraph and Cherub.

I have copied some of the comments below from: ... 266995144/

    "Fiery your form and wonderful your beauty, Michael first of Angels, for with your immaterial nature you pass through the ends of the world fulfilling the orders of the Maker of all things, recognised as powerful in your strength, and making your temple, honoured with your holy name, a source of healings." (Vespers, Tone 4)
    Here's a line for both Michael and Gabriel: "Bright with the sun’s beam of the divine light, Chief Captains, you outshine the ranks of immaterial beings; clothed like light in dazzling white in the highest, you shed on the world the fire of the unapproachable Godhead; and so you sing unceasingly with lips of flame the thrice-holy hymn: Holy, Holy, Holy are you, our God. Glory to you."
    from Matins, Ode 6 Canon 2: "Put to death, O Archangels, the assaults of the passions, and with them bring to an end all the scandals of the faith, O Holy ones formed of fire, the Chief Captains of the Trinity."

The comments below were written by a priest, Archpriest Sergey Muratov:
    Heavenly hierarchy works this way. It is not democratic possibility for lowest to become highest. Michael was one of 8 highest Angelic spirits, with Gabriel, Raphael, and Lucifer. Lucifer did rebellion against God and Michael fight him down.
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Re: St. Michael is Seraph & Cherub; He is of highest rank.

Postby Isaakos » Mon 9 February 2015 9:47 pm

I don't see a reference to either Seraphim or Cherubim?

I don't think it is possible for a single angel to posses both ranks. If he was a Seraphim, he would purify and illuminate the cherubim.
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Re: St. Michael is Seraph & Cherub; He is of highest rank.

Postby Barbara » Mon 18 January 2016 2:00 am

Still, the images and words of the prayer are beautiful !

It was a great idea of Maria's to copy this here, so we can read the remarks of other people to help us conceive of Archangel Michael's mighty role more clearly.

I recommend more posts like this.

Meanwhile, sorry to see the once-active Isaakos, now long non-posting here .
I hope he has sorted out his confusion and will, God willing, be returning to True Orthodoxy whenever he feels ready !

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