How is Traditional Orthodox Christianity lived in Eastern Europe?

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How is Traditional Orthodox Christianity lived in Eastern Europe?

Postby RaphaCam » Sat 24 December 2016 4:38 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the origins of Old Calendarism are in whole communities resisting to particular reforms (most notably the calendar reform in Greece), but I'm curious about how it is lived today: are there still villages, cities, former World Orthodox dioceses, etc., that hold to TOC, or at least have it as a majoritary faith? Or has it become a missionary or niche thing (as it is in the West, and as, excuse me the parallel, as Tridentine Roman Catholics are probably today in the whole world with the exception of one Brazilian city) even in countries such as Greece and Romania, where the movement seems to have thrived the most (again, correct me if I'm wrong)?

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Re: How is Traditional Orthodox Christianity lived in Eastern Europe?

Postby Barbara » Mon 25 December 2017 3:37 am

It's exactly a year later since RaphaCam posed his question. If he is still around, maybe he could explain a bit better. I got confused as perhaps did other readers as to what he is after here.

I don't think the Russian TOCs are strong in Central Europe [ as the inhabitants of those countries prefer to be called ].
Only the Met Agafangel group has a sister Old Calendarist Church of Bulgaria headed by Met Photios, and its own Bishop Anfim [ I think the name is ] in Moldova. Then there is an Old Calendarist Romanian Synod, too.

I don't think too much is known about these particular groups except that they are active.

Now, moving across the Atlantic Ocean, which Brazilian city is the exception ? Does this mean that the whole city is Traditional Catholic ?

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