Witnessing to the Holy Faith in our daily lives

The practice of living the life in Christ: fasting, vigil lamps, head-coverings, family life, icon corners, and other forms of Orthopraxy.

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Witnessing to the Holy Faith in our daily lives

Postby Maria » Fri 28 July 2017 8:07 am

Another memoir shared by Olga Moss, wife of Vladimir Moss



Many years ago we had a little girl as a neighbour called Elizabeth who was about five years old. One day she walked across from her house to my house, and she saw a little icon of Christ in my living room. “That is Jesus!” she said. “He’s God and He made me!” I replied: “That’s very good, Elizabeth.” “I believe in God,” she said, “but my Mummy and Daddy don’t.” “How did you know about Him?” “A little girl at my school told me. And when she told me about Him, that He made me, my heart went all warm and I straightaway believed her. But my Mummy and Daddy don’t believe in God. So I said to them: ‘When I die, I will go to heaven, but you will go to hell.’” I then asked her: “If they have been very good parents for you, do you think God will allow them to be in Paradise?” “How can they go to the House of God if they don’t believe He’s there?" she exclaimed in astonishment. "I said to them: ‘You’re very lucky that God gave me to you, because I tell you about God.” “Won’t you be unhappy if your Mummy and Daddy won’t be there, in Paradise?” And she said: “I won’t be thinking of them when I’m with Jesus!”

Out of the mouth of babes…

Pasted on facebook by Vladimir Moss
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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