The practice of living the life in Christ: fasting, vigil lamps, head-coverings, family life, icon corners, and other forms of Orthopraxy.

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Postby Maria » Mon 3 April 2017 11:12 am

I found some interesting webstes that feature headcoverings.

Although this one particular veil would be seen more in Armenian churches, it is very lovely. I love the embroidered cross as it draws attention to Christ.


Then there are these, which are feminine and pious.

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LiturgicalTime (in the UK)

As a woman who covers 24/7 for the sake of the angel and as a reminder to pray unceasingly, I prefer cotton triangular scarves or square scarves that are folded into a triangle. I usually wear them tied under my chin. However, in the hot summer, I may occasionally wear a small scarf folded into a head band and then tied or pinned (using a safety pin) behind my neck.

After a hot and humid day, for evening prayers, I will wear a rectangular light cotton scarf draped over my head. However, it is distracting as it tends to slip and fall from my head.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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Re: Headcoverings

Postby Barbara » Wed 5 April 2017 2:53 am

What a nice find, Maria ! The Anna Veils, I mean.

I investigated the site and saw this cute introduction from Anna, the creator of the company :

"We started to make holy Catholic veils 4 years ago in Korea, South.

"We design, embroider, iron and pack the veils with all our heart.

"Our beautiful veils have holy, noble and unique design.

"They are elegant, comfortable and you look more beautiful in our veils."


She is right about that last statement !

I personally prefer the more elaborate, densely laced selections. And white color as opposed to black which looks too somber, except for Great and Holy Friday.

This company should become much better known. Traditional Catholics would love these veils.

Many chapel veils I have seen in catalogs do not look like they would pass muster when taken out of the package. Some lace can LOOK nice in pictures, but close up is flimsy and cheap.

Instead, these appear to be superior quality, though one would have to buy an Anna Veil to be sure.
The ideas are original, too : the veils with Our Lady of Grace and the Cross, which Maria showed us, woven into the back of them. That is imaginative. Hope this creative company can gain a larger market share here in North America. Europe already has a long tradition of mantillas, with many still made in Spain as it used to be part of the traditional Spanish dress for well brought up ladies. But North Americans have more limited choices and perhaps are stuck with cheap Chinese imports which are surprisingly costly for their low quality.

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Re: Headcoverings

Postby Barbara » Wed 5 April 2017 3:05 am

Maria, congratulations on your covering full time ! That is excellent to hear.

I have a question : do you think that the cotton scarves must be white to avoid those poisonous dyes from other countries ?
Or do you wear colored scarves without worry ?

[ I have never forgotten that you mentioned that tea mugs should be white rather than colored. In fact I did order white after you pointed that out. It made me aware that this problem of toxic dyes could occur in many fields today. ]

Also, how long are most of your scarves ?? How far do they reach ?

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