The unethical effects of herbicides and pesticides

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The unethical effects of herbicides and pesticides

Postby Maria » Mon 2 April 2018 10:22 pm

Scientific American has been featuring studies on bats attributing their early migration to weather warming and suggesting that such early migrations will coincide with fewer insects for these mammals to catch for themselves and for their pups. Without food, bats could die out or even face extinction. ... op-stories

Every year migratory bats travel from Mexico to Bracken Cave near San Antonio, Tex., where they spend the summer consuming insects that would otherwise devour common food crops. But the bats have been showing up far earlier than they did two decades ago, possibly because of a warming climate, new research suggests.

Note that Scientific American does not even address the use of pesticides and herbicides and the effect that this has on the insect population, including bees. Not only are the increasing uses of herbicides and pesticides resulting in less insects for the bats to eat, but also the polar shift of the earth is interfering with the bats ability to migrate. If you go outside in the evening on a clear night and observe position of the North Star, it will shock you. Go outside and observe the position of the sun at noon. Both have changed yearly in the past 20 years as the earth is experiencing a gradual pole shift. This pole shift confuses all migrating animals from insects (the Monarch Butterfly), to birds (Canadian Geese), to bats, and to large mammals such as those migrating animals living in Africa.

Not only does the indiscriminate use of pesticides and herbicides, which are toxic and carcinogenic, affect animal and plant life, but also these highly toxic chemicals affect humans who eat these plants and animals. Also consider the devastation these chemicals have on bees and the ability of these bees to pollinate our crops. Without bees and other pollinators, we will face the extinction of fruit trees, fruit bearing plants, seeds, and grains such as wheat, oats, rye, oatmeal, and rice. The fact that few tests are being run on these chemicals is unethical and irresponsible.
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