USA's War on Drugs - Are doctors to blame or pharmaceuticals?

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USA's War on Drugs - Are doctors to blame or pharmaceuticals?

Postby Maria » Mon 1 January 2018 7:18 pm ... 54668.html


Patients would travel hundreds of miles to see Dr. Andrzej Zielke [Pain Management Specialist], eager for what authorities described as a steady flow of prescriptions for the kinds of powerful painkillers that ushered the nation into its worst drug crisis in history. ...

Zielke denied he was overprescribing, telling AP he practiced alternative medicine and many of his patients stopped seeing him when he cut down on pain pills. ...

"It's just not really going to have that much of an impact on an epidemic," he [Dr. Andrew Kolodny, founder of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing] said. The bigger change will come from a stronger push for prevention and treatment, he said. And, he added, "They should go after the bigger fish.... the legal narcotics distributors and wholesalers who have literally been getting away with mass manslaughter."

While going after Pain Management Specialists may help, it is the drug pushers (drug reps) for the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry who are really pushing these drugs to doctors. With Congress receiving millions in lobbying funds from these pharmaceutical companies, Congress is unlikely to do anything.

This is a moral crisis that has long been overlooked. This drug epidemic is claiming thousands of patients' lives from teenagers to senior citizens who have become addicted to these dangerous opioids. However, with the blessing from the CIA, which protects drug dealers and the pharmaceutical industry, the channels for the drug delivery system are not going to be stopped anytime soon.

It will take a miracle from God. Come Lord Jesus and save us.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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