Human Head Transplant Completed - corpse awakens to new head

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Human Head Transplant Completed - corpse awakens to new head

Postby Maria » Fri 17 November 2017 7:39 pm

When C.S. Lewis wrote That Hideous Strength, he envisioned the scenario of a human head kept alive with tubes and oxygen.

Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, in Vienna

17 November 2017 • 1:05pm


The operation was carried out by a team led by Dr Xiaoping Ren of Harbin Medical University, China, who last year successfully grafted a head onto the body of a monkey.

Italian Professor Sergio Canavero, Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, who has been working with the team, said they would 'imminently' move onto a living human who was paralysed from the neck down.

He told The Telegraph that electrical stimulation of the nerves proved the operation on the corpse had been successful, and that the two people had been completely attached.

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