The Filioque Done Right

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Re: The Filioque Done Right

Postby Maria » Wed 2 May 2018 9:04 pm

jdigrande wrote:Read the Tomos of 1285 by St. Gregory of Cyprus for the last definition of the Filioque as a heresy.

Do you have a link to said Tomas?
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Re: The Filioque Done Right

Postby Justice » Wed 2 May 2018 9:46 pm

Maria wrote:
jdigrande wrote:Read the Tomos of 1285 by St. Gregory of Cyprus for the last definition of the Filioque as a heresy.

Do you have a link to said Tomas?

It can be read here at NFTU. ... -filioque/

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Re: The Filioque Done Right

Postby jdigrande » Sun 6 May 2018 1:13 pm

I wanted to ask if the Tomos of Blachernae (1285) is considered Orthodox by the other TOC churches on this site?

If so does it have its own feast day?

And is St. Gregory of Cyprus considered a saint with a feast day and service by any other TOC's on this site- but especially the Greek TOC's.

Has his ikon been painted and is he venerated on Cyprus- his home by the TOC's on this site?

I ask this because I think there is much to learn today from the so-called Arsenite Schism of the 13th century. It is called that by opponents of St. Arsenius but in reality it was Tsar Michael Paleologus who caused the schism by deposing St. Arsenius and installing the heretic John Beccus as a Pseudo Patriarch of Constantinople. This heretical Tsar also signed the false Council of Lyons in 1270 with the Latins.

St. Arsenius was in the right like St. Ignatius was in the right in the 9th century during the so-called Photian Schism which was not caused by St. Photius. I see St. Gregory of Cyprus occupying a similar position in the 13th century as St. Photius the Great in the 9th century.

This schism in the 13th century lasted many decades like our current problems. How was it solved?

Proponents of St. Arsenius maintained that all subsequent Patriarchs of Constantinople were invalid as well as all the clergy they ordained. St. Gregory of Cyprus loved him but became Patriarch in 1282 after John Beccus was deposed by the new Emperor Andronicus. I have only read one book on this period of history by Papadakis called Crisis in Byzantium.

St. Photius felt the same way for St. Ignatius who was in prison. He wrote him many letters but remained Patriarch.

St. Gregory published a biography at the end of his life. Does anyone know if it is in Greek (and read it) or has been translated into English?

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