Modernism in the RCC & WO vs. Traditionalism in TOCs

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Re: Modernism in the RCC & WO vs. Traditionalism in TOCs

Postby Mark Templet » Thu 7 September 2017 4:58 pm

My friend, I am not sure that you have the complete information about this from the Orthodox perspective.

The Orthodox Church allows for divorce under circumstances of an adulterated marriage. If you read Chapter 19 of the Gospel of Matthew, you will see that Christ was questioned about this. He states in His answer, "And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for adultery,and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery."

It is clear that Christ is permitting a divorce if the marriage bed is adulterated. When a couple splits up, there is a spiritual trial. The result of which can be the granting of a divorce for one party in these circumstances. But just because you split up without the proper reason (adulteration) does not mean that you get to have a divorce much less remarry. If you were the one who committed adultery, and the divorce is granted against you, you will not be permitted to be remarried.

Obviously, we make every effort to prevent this from occurring, even if adultery is committed. But it does happen. If you were cheated on, willing to work it out but abandoned by your spouse, and you received the divorce in your favor, then the granting of a second future marriage is an condescension to our weakness. The second marriage service is not even the same as the first, it has a penitential theme to it, very different from a first marriage.

If you still feel that this is unwarranted, then you place yourself above the Holy Fathers of the Church, who you as a Roman Catholic venerate as saints as well, since they were long before the Great Schism. And if that is your judgement of yourself, then I cannot help you further.
Fr. Mark Templet

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Re: Modernism in the RCC & WO vs. Traditionalism in TOCs

Postby Justice » Sat 11 November 2017 12:26 am

An example of modernism in the Roman Catholic Church would be the Benedictine West Priory located in Vermont. This monastery has given into Vermonts liberal lifestyle. The monks in the monastery don't even wear traditional robes and have no tonsure. Not to mention the modernist worship service they have.
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Re: Modernism in the RCC & WO vs. Traditionalism in TOCs

Postby Barbara » Mon 13 November 2017 3:46 am

Indeed, I was shocked to see the "brothers" all dressed in street clothes [ though warned by Justice to expect that ] and the same with the visiting "nun" from Catalonia, Sister Teresa Forcades from a St-Benet community of Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. The priory bulletin describes her as a primary activist for Catalan independence from Spain. Hmm.
More interesting is her expertise on the subject of the pharmaceutical industry's excesses. But to see this nun-physician wearing a pullover sweater and black pants is highly unedifying. Sister Teresa, likely named for Spanish Saint Teresa of Avila, is also described as 'a theologian'. I hate to think what that might mean in the overall modernistic context.

The brothers write their title with a small 'b', as in brother Michael, etc. Hmm.

The hermitage itself looks plain on the outside : one would not even recognize it as a monastic institution. I did not see a Cross atop what must be the church building. Which reminds us that the priory is not even named for Our Lady, Saints, or even a popular one today to try to minimize gaps with the protestants, Holy Spirit. VERY STRANGE !

I glanced through a few places on the site.
Prominent on the priory's agenda is the quest for social justice / non-violence. I did not feel too happy about that.
However, I did glimpse a mention of participation in outreaches to Palestinians in order to understand the truth about their situation. That is refreshing to see that some Catholics today can see through the Vatican II propaganda in favor of the oppressors of the Palestinians.

I looked at the shopping area and found appallingly tacky modern designed jewelry for sale. Only doves - ugly whether vertical or horizontal [ ? ]

Image -

and crosses were offered. The crosses are awkwardly asymmetrical. They are the plainest type, rather than the traditional Crucifix. The styling of these is repellent, too :


Justice, I didn't see the part on the priory's website about the services. Probably it's better I didn't, as I might faint. This was already quite a strong dose of 50-years-after-Vatican II culture shock. I wonder whether this community is approved even by the Vat II Church ?

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