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Re: Non-Christian Inquirer

Postby Barbara » Sat 20 May 2017 3:14 am

Your post made me realize how absolutely ignorant I have been of Texas geography. I checked the map. Now I see why El Paso is closer to Albuquerque than to Clarksville. You are in an interesting corner of the state, near New Mexico and Mexico. Must be somewhat colorful there being at such a crossroads ?

I looked up the TOC parish that I had come across when following some links for a Saint's life. It was St Maximos the Confessor mission in Albuquerque. Unfortunately for your purposes, the parish moved to Colorado 3 years ago. No reason given. The Priest, Fr Symeon, serves St Maximos and another parish in that Rocky Mountain state.

I don't know offhand of any other TOC outposts in New Mexico, but I will check. It's indeed admirable that you are exactly on the right track with regard to the political situation within Orthodoxy and other factors. Please continue to post here and ask any questions you have as you are already far beyond many others.

By the way, since you have such good discernment, which kinds of ethnic food do you and your wife prefer ?!

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