Exciting Answers to Prayer Through the Saints

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Exciting Answers to Prayer Through the Saints

Postby Matthew » Thu 28 February 2013 10:14 pm

I was emailed this lovely account today.

St. Basil of Montenegro

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please allow me to take you at a slow pace trough one mysterious but indeed real story. It was 29th of November 2011 when three men, coming from the city Banja Luka (Republika Srpska), began their trip to monastery Ostrog (Montenegro) to bow down to the holy relic of the saint – Holy Vasilije.

When they arrived early in the morning in front of the monastery, the door was closed. One of the three said: “Don’t worry brothers! When we
have managed to arrive in front of the door, the Saint will recognize our wish and will bless our intention.”

At this moment a running fast monk appeared from nowhere, as if he came out directly from the surrounding mountains, unlocked the heavy
iron door of the church and said: “Please come in and bow down in front of Holy Vasilije – honor to him”. The monk opened the coffin with the
holy relic of the saint. At this moment, the church got full of an indescribable smell which God decorated with his power. He cures sick people, gifts faith to unbelievers, and love to those who hate.

After praying to God and to saint Vasilije from Ostrog, the three men went out of the Holy place, radiating joy and happiness across their
face. Afterwards, the three men spontaneously decided to take the way in direction of the city Cetinje (Montenegro) where the monastery of the
Saint Petar Cetinjski is located. The hand of Saint Johannes Baptist is guarded in this monastery as well.

When they arrived, the door of the monastery was open and the three men went in. They bow down in front of holy relics, prayed and took
bless. After a short rest, the three men followed the road to the Adriatic Sea, being absolutely determined to visit the island Sveti Stefan and
particularly the monastery Praskvica. They were astonished with the beauty of the monastery and its corresponding church dedicated to Holy
Nikola. Shortly before leaving one monk appeared almost from nowhere and asked them to host them for a while. Being unable to deny the monks wish they followed the path to the best room of the monastery. “Oh my lovely Serbs”, the monk said, after they explained him that they come from the city named Banja Luka. Very good people live there, therefore the God always protects them. The old monk narrated the story of his childhood in Karin (A City located in Dalmatia), where he was abused and humiliated due to his belief in God. With seventeen years he decided to
become a monk, to leave Dalmatia and to continue his live in monastery Praskvica where he has been living for more than fifty years.

When the night fell the three men asked for bless in order to leave and to continue their trip back to Banja Luka. In this moment the old monk stood up in order to advice them all. Two of them where married the youngest not yet but well mature for this life step. The monk addressed to the youngest: “Listen my son, within one year, around this period (he was waiving his head as if he was trying to calculate the exact date), you will get a son! Then he added, addressing to the priest (One of the three man was a priest but the old monk was not informed about this!): “If he doesn’t baptize your child, bring him here and I’ll do it”.

At this moment he revealed his name: “I’m Hegumen Dimitrije”. The young man kneeled down and said: “Father, I believe it will happen as
you said, even if I’m single at this period. It will happen as you said! Please bless me in order that your words will become true.” The Hegumen Dimitrije blessed him as well as the other two men.

The three men left being astonished. On the way back the priest was wondering on the monk’s prophecy. He said that monk would be able to say this only by means of the Holly Spirit. The young man was only repeating: ”AMEN! It will happen as Hegumen said. When I’ll get a sun, I’ll give him the name Dimitirje”.

On the same day, in the evening of 29th November 2011, thousands kilometer away from the monastery Praskvica a train coming from Holland was arriving at the main train station of the city Erlangen in Germany. One girl, who recently finished her dissertation in the Netherlands, spending a lot of efforts, got off the train. She performed her doctoral thesis in the field of electrical engineering. The job offer came from the city Erlangen and she accepted it, without really knowing why. Why didn’t she return back to her lovely Greece? Why maybe not to her Island Evia, in order to express her gratitude to Saint Johannes the Russian? Why didn’t she end up in another corner of the glob?

On this day, while the sun was still shining, when the young man was bowing down to the Saint Vasilije, praying: “Holy Vasilije, please give
me that what my heart seeks for, a good woman. My wish is not a sin because I seek for a blissful married life. At the same time, the Greek
girl prayed: “Holy Johannes please help me to get luck at the unknown place I’m traveling to”. At this evening, at the moment when the young man got a bless from Hegumen Dimitrije, the Greek girl was getting off the train.

After the three men returned back to Banja Luka, the oldest one remained there, whilst the other two drove back to Germany, the priest
to Frankfurt a.M and the young man to Erlangen.

In the following days, after Igor returned back to work, a new face attracted his attention. A new employee, the Greek Ioanna! They
immediately fell in love. The bless connected them! A few months later, they got married at the church of Holy Georgios in Wiesbaden. Two
priests blessed them, one Serbian and one Greek. On 15th November 2012 Ioanna gave a birth to beautiful boy, to whom they gave the name Dimitrije. Within one year, the prophecy of Hegumen Dimitrije was indeed fulfilled.

For those who have eyes to see, let them see, and for those who have ears to hear, let them hear! AMEN

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Re: An Exciting Answer to Prayer Through the Saints

Postby Maria » Fri 1 March 2013 1:39 am

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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Re: An Exciting Answer to Prayer Through the Saints

Postby Matthew » Wed 6 March 2013 6:40 pm

Here is another:

A miraculous account from the life of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou,

On Holy Friday, during the singing of the hymns of the Passion, Irene had a vision of countless radiant angelic beings entering the church: some with stringed instruments, singing beautiful hymns to God; others with goblets of myrrh, to be poured onto the altar, which filled the monastery with a wonderful fragrance. Among these beings was a particularly majestic man, a face radiant like the sun, who was treated with devotion. He approached the altar and, taking the shroud offered to him by the other beings, covered the now-fragrant altar.

The angel who stood by the altar, with great sadness, cried out to the majestic one, "Until when, O Lord?" to which a voice replied, "Until the second Solomon, when the heights will be united with the depths and all will be one. Then the Lord will be exalted and the memory of Irene will be glorified." Irene took this as confirmation of her teaching that no one, whether herself or another of the sisters, could be glorified until they achieved the Kingdom in death. Irene gathered the community, reiterating the necessity of running from worldly honour to achieve and behold the glory of God.


Glory to Thee O Christ! Glory to Thee!

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Re: Exciting Answers to Prayer Through the Saints

Postby Barbara » Wed 22 October 2014 3:08 am

I was wondering about who St Irene Chrysavalantou was, having heard the name but never read her life story.
Now that there is a new TOC parish dedicated to her, the excerpt here is all the more powerful.
I will have to read the story itself to understand her vision better, though.

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Re: Exciting Answers to Prayer Through the Saints

Postby Barbara » Wed 22 October 2014 3:18 am

This was a nice idea of Icxypion's for a thread.
Let's try to remember it and add any applicable stories, so as to keep encouraging people.

As for the first story above, on a very minor basis, I found a small slip of paper under my driver's seat today,
where I reached for no real reason and fished around. A scrap emerged with the writing :


This very evening [reminiscent of the time connections noted in that story], I saw for the first time this happy tale which was received by email and posted here on 2-28-2013.

Perhaps "a bless" helped make that connection too ?!

Also, recently I read a memoir of a person who grew up in Erlangen Germany. I had never heard of that city until then.
So that makes this story all the more vivid.

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