Milton Kapner Exposed! Expose!

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Milton Kapner Exposed! Expose!

Post by pjhatala »

Doesn't feel good, does it? Only this one is probably true. For anyone who isn't aware, the neighborhoods and streets mentioned are all in Boston. Maybe there's another Milton Kapner from the Boston area.

For the congregants of Young Israel, which like many synagogues is increasingly security-conscious since Sept. 11, Milton Kapner never posed a physical threat. But the fast-talking guest, who told congregants he graduated from Columbia University and lost his home in Needham, began making people feel uncomfortable, even chasing some away from services.

"The truth is he was welcome here, as long as he followed the rules," said Robert Wolff, the synagogue's former president. "But after a while, people lost their patience."

Approached recently at the McDonald's on Harvard Street, where he often cajoles people to buy him a free meal, Kapner refused to speak. In a previous phone interview, he complained: "I've been excommunicated. It's the worst thing that can happen to a Jew."

A few days later, after a crossing guard reported Kapner was endangering himself walking through traffic on Washington Street, he ambled into Brookline District Court and started screaming, police said. Health officials decided to commit him to a hospital, where he will stay until doctors release him.

"Maybe this is the best thing for him," said Baronofsky, Young Israel's president. "Hopefully, it will help."

David Abel can be reached at

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Nathaniel Kapner

"I.m going to stop the vote - just you wait and see.

Post by Nathaniel Kapner »

Dear pjhatala,

What is your name? You certainly know mine.

I have just e mailed my lawyer Attorney Ed McLaughlin,
8 Beacon St, Boston MA to accept all phone calls from
"pjhatiala" "southern orthodoxy" "corpus christi"
and various cowards who hide behind aliases.

Now - his phone # is 617 523 7001. Ask him to confirm
the other side of the story:

I was homeless for 9 months after Fr Isaac struck me in the
face at HTM on June 11. 2003. I spent a lot of time at McDonalds
at Harvard and Green street with a group called, "the opera club"
-a bunch of old timers mostly Jews who reminisced over "the
good old days."

One night a "punk romper" walked in and put on a jacket right
in front of me, (he knew I was an Orthodox Christian)
and turned around and the jacket had a huge
SWASTIKA on it. He then threw it at me.

I called the Brookline Police and gave them the jacket as evidence.
The next morning I went to Young Israel , (where I had been
attending for various reasons) and told Dr Jerry Baranofsky
the President about it and other congregants.

It turned out that the synagogue was very frightened that a
"neo nazi" rampage was going to take place in Jewish Brookline.
So the Police "stonewalled" it and changed the report that I
attacked the 'punk' not vice versa.

You can figure out all the rest.

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner
aka Milton L Kapner
And - what is your name pj?
"I.m going to stop the vote - just you wait and see.
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Post by StephenG »

Sorry, but to borrow from another, Me thinkest thou protest too much.
A wanderer, trying to discern truth from falsehood
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Post by SouthernOrthodox »

Lord Have Mercy on us all. My good brother in Christ, this nonsense, name calling and the like should all come to a stop. You are welcomed to have an opinion on your religious views, how you think the church should function ect ect. To sling accusations against our Hierarchs calling them everything from Homosexual to Nazi-Communist boarders on mental instability not to say indecent Christian behavior. You are welcomed to think whatever you like about me, call me names, whatever you wish. The bottom line to this is, this is the internet, some sense of anonymity goes with that. You may call it coward ness, but after all its cyber space. Believe me we all have skeletons in the closet. After reading your last post, my prayer is you find what it is your looking for. From what I know of ROAC you may find it, there is good loving Orthodox Christians there. If as you say, we in ROCOR want to goose step in Red Square, so be it, it's are right to follow our Synod, not yours.

But as you say and have taken upon yourself, you will stop the vote then you open up "cans" that I wish to stay closed and not aired. After all this is still an Orthodox Christian site.

My deepest prayers with you.
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Post by CorpusChristi »

anonymity of some users has become somewhat needed ,because of your hostile approach to even the HeirArchs of The Church Abroad. it has honestly scared some people to think of what you are capable of doing,and again not of Orthodox spirit, it isnt too late to repent and move on, your job is done, You cant do God`s Work. I pray that you see,that all you have done is caused great scandal and heartache to many good Christ Fearing Orthodox people....Look beside you, what would your Guardian Angel say of your writings? is this a selfish and self pleasing phantom state of mind ? Pray and Watch Nathaniel, and forgive me if I judged, I am a wretched sinner and I ask you all for forgiveness.
I will not post about this again, for even replying is asking for entrance of unclean spirit and may God and his Heavenly Host`s protect me. Im new and already taste a sense of un-clean Spirit.............................CC
Nathaniel Kapner


Post by Nathaniel Kapner »

Yes of course I forgive you dear (?) And please forgive me.
We all have to appear before the judgement seat - even of each
other at least to say: "hey everybody this is me an Orthodox
Christian, I do not have anything to hide that I cant say,
it hasnt been forgiven by our Saviour's holy blood.

I Milton L Kapner am an open book. Sure I have a lot of ghosts
from the past - but it doesn't matter what people want to do with
them. My conscience is clean for I have been washed , I have
been justified..

I am not looking for "dirt." I have a holy jealousy for the +ROCOR.
Mark of berlin is a KGB agent and he has been bent on the ruin of
Met Anastasi's legacy before he reposed, "have nothing to do with
the godless MP. Do not even bid them godspeed." I am not going
to allow kgb mark of berlin to get away with it. Mark my words
mark - you have met more than your kgb match in me.

That is why I am attempting to prove that these so called "PRO MP"
bishops and spokespersons have "another agenda." Namely they
were either blackmailed for alleged homosexual activity like Kyrill
of San Francisco, or "bought" like Prtpst Fr Alexander Lebedeff to
allegedly get his kid out of prison for his "second strike" of
selling narcotics and sent to Moscow PERMANENTLY.

Again, my conscience is absolutely clear, for God has sent me on
a holy mission: THE VINDICATION OF MET ANASTASSI'S Last Will & Testament.

I assure you dear (?) that he is very well pleased.

+ROAC Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner
aka Milton L Kapner
Godfather: Dr/Sbn Jerjis Alajaji
Confessor: ROAC Fr Andre' Maklakov
Good friend: Vladimir Moss
DOB 9/5/50 Pgh
For my complete biography:
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Post by SouthernOrthodox »

Believe me my good Brother we ask your forgiveness and want desperately to extend the same. I guess the question on this "god-less" servant's mind is why? Why do you hold so much hatered and animosity toward these three men (more I am sure). Repentance is an awesome experience, know that first hand. What was brought up in your past was well documented by a major city newspaper and displayed for all to see. I am sure you have proof the Arch Kyrill has engaged in elicited conduct and that Arch Mark is in fact a KGB agent (that one may be harder since that organization does not exist today).

We are all glad your conscience is clear and you have a "mission". As I am sure you are aware, there is two forces in this world that one could be set on a mission for, good and evil. Your ramblings and utter hatred of these men make it apparent to almost all of us, the mission you are serving. With out proof you are easily dismissed and in being dismissed you open yourself for "Gods" condemnation.
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