Lourie's 'Genetic Claim To Fame'

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Nathaniel Kapner

Lourie's 'Genetic Claim To Fame'

Postby Nathaniel Kapner » Sat 15 October 2005 12:02 pm

Two leading Judaic scholars seriously doubt Fr. Lurie's 'genetic claim to fame' [One is my contact from Brandeis University, Boston MA]. Fr. Gregory Lourie claims to be descended from the renown Israeli-born and Israeli-deceased Kabbalist "Isaac Louria" of the 16th century. The burden of proof is on Igumen Gregory Lourie to prove his spell-casting 'genetic claim to fame.' Marian Petty of the well-established "Heirlines Genealogical Services" [Est. 1972] spoke with me at length stating that a 400+ genealogical-trace backwards is considered by genealogists to be "outside the pale of credibility." She continued, "100 years retroactive is workable, 200 years backward is problematic, 400 years is insuperable." My contact at Brandeis University, Professor J. Rosenbloom is of the same opinion.

I begin setting forth my case against defrocked ROAC priest Lourie's 'genetic claim to fame' with this brief biography of the 'far-removed-from-Russia' Kabbalist "Isaac Louria."

1534 - Isaac Louria was born at Jerusalem to an Ashkenazi {German] father and a Sephardi [Spanish Marrano] mother. [It is conjectured by many Jewish Scholars that Isaac may have adopted the surname "Luria" later on in his adult years. [I suspect Fr. Gregory 'Lurie' of the the very same thing.]

1540 - Isaac Louria's father dies.

1541 - Isaac Louria's mother removes to Egypt were child Isaac is brought up by her rich brother Mordecai Francis, a tax-collector at Cairo Egypt who placed him under the best Jewish teachers.

1549 - At the age of fifteen Isaac Louria marries his cousin, and being amply provided for by his wealthy uncle, was enabled to continue his Jewish studies.

1551 - Isaac Louria pursues a career in business, but soon turns to asceticism and mysticism.

1551 - Isaac Louria at the age of twenty-two years old becomes engrossed in the study of the "Zohar," a thirteenth-century work of Kabbalah which had recently been printed for the first time, and adopts the life of a recluse.

1553 - Isaac Louria retreats to the banks of the Nile and visits his family once a week on the Sabbath day talking very little. [There is no record of Isaac Louria ever having children - Jewish scholars to a man simply state "we do not know."

1556 - At this time, [as Isaac Louria later informed his disciples], he claimed to have been often 'visited' by the prophet Elijah who revealed in 'interviews' with Louria, the 'mysteries' of heaven and earth .Louria claimed many such 'visits' by all the great Judaic 'lights' of the past both in interviews and by his soul ascending into heaven during his sleep to meet with past Jewish prophets and sages.

1569 - Luria moves to Safed, Israel. He forms a circle of kabbalists to whom he imparted his doctrines by means of which he hoped to establish a new basis for the moral system of the world based on the premise of a "chaotic" pre-eternal state to be resolved by [jewish] human efforts. [Safed Israel remains to this very day, a large community of Kabbalists and the center of Kabbalism in the world]

1570 - Disciples form around Isaac Louria, of which emerges his biographer Chaim Vital of Calabria who committed Isaac Louria's teachings to written form.They meet every Sabbath's Friday, and each confessed to another his sins. Lourie claimed that he could 'read' his disciple's foreheads and recognize specific reincarnated souls that were united to that person. In practice, Louria ritualized his own invocations and conjurations to dead Jewish sages, taking his disciples to their gravesites so as to receive their 'mystical emanations.' Louria led his disciples to believe that the prophet Elijah, his personal mentor, revealed this practice to him. [In all the above we see a merging of valid Christian conduct with outright occult practice, a very useful 'merging' for defrocked ROAC priest Lourie' priest.

1571 - Luria's kabbalistic circle gradually widened and became a separate congregation, in which his mystic doctrines were supreme, influencing all the religious ceremonies. On the Sabbath day. Luria dressed himself in white and wore a fourfold garment to signify the four letters of the 'Ineffable Name,' 'I AM THAT I AM' [YHVH].

1572 - Isaac Luria dies at the short-lived age of 38 yrs old in Safed, Israel.

2005 - Ultra-religious Jews known as Chasids, particularly the "Lubavitcher" sect, venerate "Ha Ari," [The Lion] Isaac Ben Solomon Luria as a great rabbinic master. To this day, October 13, 2005, you will find them congregating at Louria's grave-site in Safed Israel, conjuring 'down' his spirit to enter into theirs for a 'kabbalistic' salvation.

BOTTOM LINE - I challenge defrocked ROAC priest Gregory Lourie to demonstrate to this Forum that he is indeed a descendant of Isaac Louria, b. 1534 in Jerusalem; d. 1572 in Safed Israel. But be forewarned defrocked ROAC priest Gregory 'Lourie' - I've got evidence to the contrary.

Nathaniel/Psalm 143

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Postby spiridon » Sat 15 October 2005 3:57 pm

I thought we were all descendants of Adam and Eve ? if so ? ask your University friends to explain that,and they will probally give you the same professor account.........this might be a little off track but for many years I have known a family of peasants- they look Indian(india),Mexican,Spanish,Chinese,native Indian,Arabic,Greek,and many many more ,eyes of Blue,some green,some Brown and some black, skin tone pale in some and dark in others, and they have not bred from outside there tribe in the jungles of MEXICO-----
you know for centuries these people who speak a tribal dialect that most linguists have given up on interpreting and identifying have linked themselves as direct descendants of Blessed Juan Diego the Indian Pilgrim who got instruction from the Mother of GOD herself in 1531 on Tepeyac Hill, which is now right around MEXICO City..
he was AZTEC and therefore followed the Sun GODS...they were very dissatisfied and angry at the Spainiard roman Bishops that had forced his people to convert with no questions asked....he explained to the untrusted Bishops of his contact on the mountain with The Mother of GOD, and to his dismay they didnt believe him for several days they simply called him a fool, and a fool he was,for he had seen and heard the directions from the Mother of GOD herself....all she wanted was a chapel for those against the Bishops, or who questioned the church, a place they could come to and allow the Holy Spirit to work on there souls, a place that was unlocked and where they could come on there own and - WATCH and PRAY,
these same instructions have been given by our HOLY FATHERS for generations, how an Aztec peasant received them only makes it true of his talks with The THEOTOKOS herself.....................anyway they are a close family that say they are a direct line from him and have no proof, but a simple "YES im from that lineage" in there dialect and praise the Mother of GOD , and our response is "Glory be to JESUS CHRIST for all things" ..there faith is so strong yet they have no Bishops of any Catholic,Orthodox, or Christian faith that they trust. they simply Worship god and his Mother and there Saint juan Diego and live accordingly...we are all related and should treat each other according to GOD`s LAW, no less and no more than Christ Himself..............in other Words if Gregory is related to these people of Jewish Descent then Good, "Glory be to JESUS CHRIST for all thing" but I think we are all related and should remember that............................

Nathaniel Kapner

A List of Fr Gregory Lourie's Heresies and Blasphemies

Postby Nathaniel Kapner » Sat 15 October 2005 11:05 pm

"The Deposition of Fr Gregory Lourie was effected by The Decision of Protocol #52 of the Hierarchical Synod of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, which met on September 5, 2005.(Suzdal-09.05.05)"

"The Deposition of Fr Gregory Lourie was for the following:

1. Fr Gregory Lourie's Heresy of 'Name- Worshipping.'

The List of Fr Gregory Lourie's Heresies and Blasphemies continues:

2. Fr Gregory Lourie's definition of the Deaths of Christ and the Martyrs as "Suicide."

3. Fr Gregory Lourie's recognition of the phenomenon of "rock culture" as a preparation for Orthodox monasticism.

4. Fr Gregory Lourie's blasphemous comparison of the tears of Christ to going to the toilet.

5. Fr Gregory Lourie's attribution to the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia of the status of "second class" martyrs being prone to heretical opinions.

6. Fr Gregory Lourie's Rejection of the pre-revolutionary Russian Synod and the Moscow Council of 1917-18.

7. Fr Gregory Lourie's public declarations that in Russia there did not and does not now exist any persecution on the part of the post-Soviet state and post-Soviet "church" against the True Church.

8. Fr Gregory Lourie's heretical Opinion of the Difference between the Old and the New Testaments with regard to Orthodox Christian Marriage, the Orthodox Christian Priesthood, and Holy Russia's Monarchy.

9. Fr Gregory Lourie's stated admiration for history's vilest mass-murderer of Orthodox Christians, namely Joseph Stalin.

[The list above is a compilation of Formal Charges brought against Fr. Gregory Lourie by ROAC Catacomb Archbishop Anthony of Yurensk; ROAC Catacomb Archbishop Seraphim of Sukhimi; ROAC Catacomb
Archbishop Hilarion of Smeli; Archpriest Fr. Victor Melehov;Archpriest Fr Spyridon Schneider; Priest Christopher Johnson; and Reader Vladimir Moss; Anton Tir Grigorian of www.romanitas.ru; many others; Between the years of 2001 unto 2005.]

Church history has demonstrated that those who oppose the Church and those who support them through their continued advancements of their heretical-teachings, have God Himself for their adversary.

He has simply allowed me to share in the privilege.

Nathaniel Kapner/Psalm 143

Nathaniel Kapner

Postby Nathaniel Kapner » Sun 16 October 2005 1:33 pm

Madonna is a professed kabbalist & is paving the way for 'the kabbalist-Lourie.' She co-wrote "Isaac" with the Jew-kabbalist Stuart Price in her album "confessions on a dance floor." Madonna will be opening a kabbalist center in London soon to foster the Lurianic- kabbalistic teachings.

Isaac Luria [1534-72], born and died in Palestine put a jewishkabbalistic spin of the ancient belief in "reincarnation." Luria's reincarnatio['gilgul'] is premised on his "pre-eternal chaos" theory he references in error from Genesis 1:2: "And the earth was "tohu" [formless] "vihbohu" ["and chaotic" acc. to Lurianic Kabbalism]. Souls were created in a state of potential-perfection, not perfect in Adam owing to a "shattered cosmogony." [An essential contradiction in God to be worked out in the human sphere culminated in the appearance of the 'human' Jewish Messiah resolving all eternal anticipations.]

Souls after death seek like-minded souls in living earthly bodies to unite and co-operate with to ascend to God through Jewish prayer and mystical contemplation. The culmination of jewish soul-mate ascendancy will 'realize 'the advent of a "tzadik" [highly exalted-pious Jew] Jewish Messiah who will bring on the Messianic Age wherein the "tohu vabohuh" will be redeemed in a God-permeated ['pantheistic' though not admitted by the kabbalist jew] paradise.

The 'unspeakable' name of God figures into all of this quite aptly for Igumen Louria's "name-worshipping." For this ineffable name contains within it all of the potentialities in God for humanity to unite with to bring on the final end of manking - a God-permeated ['pantheistic'] paradise. [See: "Doctrine of the Divine Name in the Zohar"/S. Wald.]


From the local paper: "Rabbis who oversee Luria's tomb and a seminary in the northern Israeli town of Safed see the inclusion of the song about Luria as an attempt to profit from his name. Rabbi Rafael Cohen, head of a seminary named after Luria, suggested that Madonna's actions will lead to Divine retribution:

'Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit. Her act is just simply unacceptable, and I can only sympathize with her for the punishment that she is going to receive from the Heavens," Cohen said.

Another rabbi called for Madonna to be thrown out of the country. 'Such a woman brings great sin onKabbalah, ' said Rabbi Israel Deri. 'I hope that we will have the strength to prevent her from bringing sin upon the holiness of Rabbi Isaac Luria.'"

> * My friend Nicholas Candela commented: This cloud of sanctimony is meant to hide the act that Rabbi Isaac Luria, as a good Kaabalist,taught reincarnation, and the possession of dead ouls, that is, a pious Jew may pray for the souls of dead righteous men to possess him. Luria believe that he could spot these dead souls in the rivers, in the air, in thetrees. Dead souls spoke to him, revealing that they werethe "sages" of the Talmud. On his way to a wedding, a dog barked at him and he knew that this was actually the reincarnation of a great sinner. He asked the dog who he was, and the dog told him that he had been Gehazi, the servant of prophet Elisha.
> Kabbalah teaches that God Himself is in need of repair---so let's not "bring great sin on Kabbalah."

Thank you for your comments Nicholas.

In closing, I Nathaniel Kapner wish to say this. Defrocked ROAC priest Gregory Lourie *uses* his avouched 'genetic-claim to fame' to cast a magic spell around him; to glamourize himself; and to promote his 'kabbalistic' - informed heresies now couched in Orthodox terminology like “imyabozhiye” (name-worshipping).

Sb/dcn Nathaniel Kapner

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Postby Kollyvas » Sun 16 October 2005 8:54 pm

scandalous and shameful, BUT ROCOR has its share of colour--the midwest seems a home to the scandalous...

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