In the spirit of conciliation....

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In the spirit of conciliation....

Postby Suaiden » Fri 7 November 2014 4:26 am

... I was informed off-site that my arguments with the "ROCOR refugees" have been turning people away from the Church altogether, and have scandalized even friends.

For this reason, I have turned my polemical response site to them to private, giving no one further access.

While I wish no one to be scandalized by my responses, I once again reiterate that there are successive lies throughout about myself, family, friends and fellow clerics, for which they are accountable to their confessor, and barring convincing an innocent priest of these lies, before God Himself, who cannot be fooled.

I call upon the "ROCOR refugees" to do the take down these lies, written in a hateful and sectarian spirit.

I would hope that current events in the ROCOR-A are a perfect moment to realize what a divisive, rancorous spirit can do in macrocosm.

As a realist, however, I leave this as a record, for I am certain none of these people have an interest in stopping. And I will end by saying-- those who achieve their goals by evil ends, as well as those who assist them, will be answerable before God.
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