Solovki [ I know it's MP but fun to see ]

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Re: Solovki [ I know it's MP but fun to see ]

Postby Barbara » Sun 23 October 2016 7:57 pm

3 - 1/2 years later, I finally located those sample tracks of the Solovki CD which Matthew so long ago requested. [ Sorry for the long delay ! ]
I haven't found the actual CD in my boxes yet, but hearing the youtube chant selection motivates to pull out this and the related set of recorded music. All were performed by the Valaam Singing Institute Men's Choir.

I remember well this particular selection as I played this disc [ and all of them ] SO MANY times : ... uIoJh5MMTr

The entire CD is not on youtube as one clip. It seems to be divided into small sections of between 2 and 6 minutes.
Perhaps copyright restrictions prevented the entire disc from being copied. One can hear most of it this way, however.

I believe that the Solovki Chant was divided into separate CDs for Parts I and II.

The series to which I referred earlier on this thread was called Orthodox Shrines of the Russian North. It had recently been produced when I was traveling over there, so I bought all available of this series, with a few copies of each where available so as to preserve these forever !

I am glad I followed my instinct to do so because these are probably not easy to find anymore outside of specialized outlets.

The deep-voiced chant is incredibly soothing. The solemn voices carry the stillness of the remote Northern monasteries right into our homes and lives here in the busy Western world.

Listening to this Solovki [ or the Kirillov-Belozersky - St Cyril of the White Lake - or Tikhvin or Valaam versions ] chant at night might be an excellent idea to calm nerves, remove worries about the problems of the day and thus the ensure restful deep sleep which is necessary for health.

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