Saint Edward Brotherhood (GOC-K) has a great new publication

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Saint Edward Brotherhood (GOC-K) has a great new publication

Postby Maria » Tue 17 June 2014 6:27 am - scroll down to the link for The Shepherd Magazine.

    The Saint Edward Brotherhood was established at Brookwood in 1982 to prepare and care for the Church in which the sacred relics of Saint Edward the Martyr were to be enshrined. A small monastic community, which we hope will increase, chants the services of the Church daily at the Shrine, and their numbers are augmented on Sundays and feastdays by a number of Orthodox believers who form a mission parish. The monastery is located on St. Cyprian's Avenue, Brookwood, Surrey GU24 0BL, England.
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Re: Saint Edward Brotherhood (GOC-K) has a great new publica

Postby Barbara » Thu 19 June 2014 5:09 am

They have had The Shepherd for many years. Is this a new version ? I didn't check the link yet.
Very strange to see them listed as GOC now after that union ; takes a minute for eyes to adjust !

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Re: Saint Edward Brotherhood (GOC-K) has a great new publica

Postby StephenS » Fri 20 June 2014 2:45 pm

The Shepherd remains in the same format as previously. A labour of love and both edifying and instructional, as well as reflecting on contemporary developments from an Orthodox perspective. The latter being something more than may be said of some supposedly Orthodox journals and web forums, sadly.

Worth a read each month. On a lighter note it is sometimes referred to as "The Wolf".

The Union was a welcome development and saw the Brotherhood and a former stalwart layman of the parish, Fr Gabriel Lawani, back in communion. Fr Gabriel had bought Archbishop Kallinikos to Brookwood prior to that welcome event.

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