Book Study - what book?

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Re: Book Study - what book?

Postby Maria » Wed 14 September 2016 7:13 pm

My husband and I have been re-reading The Way of a Pilgrim.

It is awesome. I have been having blessed dreams re-living the scenes in that book.

The advice given is great for those of us who are home-aloners and who do not have access to a parish as the pilgrim often finds himself away from a church or monastery during his travels or illnesses.

Today, being a pilgrim is not really possible, for the homeless, which he would be considered a part of, are treated terribly.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

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Re: Book Study - what book?

Postby Barbara » Thu 15 September 2016 3:30 am

Oh, no ! An old copy of The Way of A Pilgrim recently came to me. But I gave it away without opening it, I hate to admit.
I didn't think it looked so interesting as I have always heard it to be deemed.

But now you made me regret that ! Maybe I should have kept it and read the book after all.
Did the pilgrim fall ill on his travels ? I didn't realize that. I know it mainly teaches the Jesus Prayer, and has for decades familiarized many from other backgrounds with Russian Orthodox spirituality.

That angle you mentioned is helpful for all of us here who are without close access to TOC parishes.

It's true that the homeless are treated in a demeaning way by society. Putting them in 'shelters' ?? I think rather those should be termed 'helters', so terrible they must be.

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