Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

Postby Barbara » Mon 14 December 2015 3:06 am

Yikes ! The adulation of the average person today for that creepy series was again brought home to me when I saw a license plate "HRY POTR".
Can u IMAGINE ? Naming your car, so to speak, after such a character ?
Shows how robotic people are. They are receptive to each and every push from the makers of whatever it is to be made "cool".
They don't exhibit individuality, but name their car, which is an important part of most people's lives, after some passing fad. Only slightly less annoying are people who advertise football teams this way. "Go Packers" or something like that !
How EMPTY are people's souls today !

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

Postby Matthew » Thu 17 December 2015 10:17 pm

Indeed Barbara. Very good points.

Confirming all you have said above is this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzAytlDjl7E

All of these clips come from at least the following which I noted: FOX News, ABC, NBC, and CBS.
Consider two important points for perspective on what this really means:
1) all these media corporations are supposedly "in competition" with each other;
2) if TPB go to such trouble to script verbatim across the board in such trifling words and issues, to what lengths will they go to script much more pivotal issues of vast importance to the nation and the world driving them to the fulfillment of their own interests and agendas?

That should keep you awake at night....

The acronym TPB is for "The Powers That Be"

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

Postby Benjaminw1 » Wed 25 April 2018 11:52 am

Cyprian wrote:Ah, Mr. Benjamin William Champley Waterhouse, it's been a long time. How have you been?

It's been several years since we tangled with one another on the Paradosis Yahoo message board.

You, along with the old-calendarist clerics with which you were associated, were defending and promoting Harry Potter back then, and now you feign some sort of righteous indignation, as if you are above such "indecent and trashy literature."

If the pseudo-Orthodox wolves with which you associate, masquerading as Genuine Orthodox clergy, had not been actively promoting Harry Potter and other such demonic literature as good Christian reading, then there would not be a compelling need to investigate and expose this sort of demonic literature.

I simply cannot fathom how senseless and stupid Orthodox Christians could be for listing hundreds of demonic television shows, movies, and novels as 'likes' on their Facebook pages. We witnessed the fruits of this right here on this message board, recently. There was a very active poster here who had a zealous passion for argument, and defending a certain ideological version of TOC history was his latest foray. Members of this forum were shocked when he apostatized and began attacking Genuine Orthodoxy. I, like everyone, was saddened and disappointed, but not surprised in the least. I privately warned people close to this individual that he was in danger of going off the rails. This individual had virtually every single demonic television show and film imaginable listed as a 'like' on his Facebook page. He loved to debate the finer points of theology and TOC history, but, sadly, he was lacking the most basic discernment to recognize that he was slandering and blaspheming the Faith among the Gentiles with his promotion of this satanic filth on his Facebook page. So God sent him away.

There are some active and prominent posters here on E-Cafe who are in grave danger of the exact same thing happening to them if they do not start exercising the most basic discernment in these matters. No need to mention names, but there is a TOC clergyman who posts here, who last I checked, listed The Simpsons (animation show) as one of his likes on his Facebook page. This is a total disgrace, and he ought to be ashamed of himself. This is a vile, blasphemous, and satanic show, produced by murderers and the enemies of God.

There is a prominent poster here, who posts more frequently than I do, who likes Harry Potter on his Facebook page. He will not be saved, if he does not repent of this and he continues down this path.

Harry Potter is the most vile, blasphemous, and satanic literature, produced by a secret society of genocidal murderers, and enemies of God. Any Orthodox Christian who is so stupid and senseless as to not be able to recognize something so basic, will not be saved.

The Orthodox Church has never blessed actors or the stage, but has resoundingly railed against it; Hollywood and the entertainment industry is obviously run by devils (only lovers of this world cannot recognize this), and so Orthodox Christians should be ashamed when they broadcast their sins to the world, saying they like Harry Potter, or some heavy metal band, or some indecent television program, or novel on their social media pages.

How hypocritical of you to assert that: "there are no hidden secret society messages in these films and books..."

How would you know? You feign righteousness, implying you are above indulging in this sort of material. How are you in a position to know what is or is not hidden in this material, if you totally abstain from reading or viewing it?

So which is it? Do you partake of this type of trashy and indecent demonic literature or not? If not, then don't presume to tell us what is or is not hidden in it.

If you do partake of these types of entertainments, then practice what you preach, and go to church and repent. Do your bishops have so much time on their hands that they have time to write treatises defending the Harry Potter novels? Do you rebuke them and admonish them to go to church and repent? If not, why not?

Yes you are right, please forgive me.

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

Postby Barbara » Thu 26 April 2018 3:09 am

Actually, it's good that Benjamin w1 brought this thread around again, since Cyprian's incisive analysis needs to be read over and over.

I would be appalled if I saw much on face book like these examples he mentioned. The truth is that no Orthodox Churchgoer should list ANY television show whatsoever ! Not just a 'favorite', or a handful of top choices, but NONE
Same with music bands, movies etc. unless one is mentioning a religious film like Ostrov.

Let's say this : by selecting these so-called favorite programs and various productions, one reveals himself or herself as an eager imbiber of the mass programming shoved on all members of the society who agree to take part.

An Orthodox person should be aloof from ALL of this. And also he or she should avoid like the plague modern pop terms. Rather, he or she should speak ALWAYS in classic English which could equally have been understood 100 years ago or today because it uses real words that describe what the speaker means.

Not "I have an issue with xyz". But "I have a difficulty communicating with so and so".
The shorthand almost universally used in contemporary America is so cheesy sounding. It never spells out in precise language what is intended, but relies on laziness : "My car has an issue with the radiator". Instead of "My car's radiator is leaking from the cap and one other place I pinpointed by looking for the dried green antifreeze."

Or another example is the common use of the word "dude" for a man. That is repulsive sounding ! It sounds like what people in ghettos would say, or conjures up a scene of a mafia meeting with low-class men slouching around a table smoking cigars. But ordinary Americans use this word constantly. 100 years ago, no one would have had a clue what this slang term meant.

There are many more examples which all point up to how much even the Orthodox are caught up in the tastes of today's masses. I would like to see Orthodox people speaking in a lofty way, not descending to this level unless needing to reach out to specific individuals. Even then, that should not be necessary. By speaking in an elevated way, one is a model for the people whom they are trying to uplift/teach etc.

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

Postby Cyprian » Wed 4 July 2018 6:47 pm

Yes you are right, please forgive me.

God forgives. May He have mercy on, and forgive us all.

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Knight is the Antichrist

Postby Barbara » Thu 5 July 2018 5:02 am

I am sure some eloquent writers have commented on various possibilities for why the name potter was chosen for this dark creature. I was signing off when I suddenly found myself thinking about this idea. There was a Victorian - era description of God as 'the Potter', meaning the Creator who fashioned everything from clay ; all sorts of poetry and prose were written about this topic as I recall, in England.
So it seems that God is no longer needed by the Ill-controlled author. Now Harry is his own creator, needing nothing from God. Even if I am completely wrong here, which is possible, the concept still seems true of this sort of hubris evident in many New Age philosophies, and showcased in this abominable series of books. My understanding is that they give the message : "Be a sorcerer ! Create things yourself ! Manipulate things how YOU think they should be. Don't ask help from God, because YOU are all=powerful. God is just a sprite way out somewhere ; He will do YOUR bidding rather than the antiquated opposite viewpoint of humans as servants of the Most-High God."
This theme, of course, is diabolical in origin.

Then also there is the unfortunate 3 letters at the start of this last name which could be taken to be a subliminal campaign for the spread of and legalization of that drastically horrible stuff which people pretend to use for medical reasons. Or, as Cyprian would say, it's the Ill announcing in advance their intention to pollute the entire America and beyond with this noxious despicable thing, thus weakening the populace's will and strength to resist the Ill programme. I feel that the aim by promoting this stuff is to jumble up the nervous synapses in the brain, so that large numbers of U.S. citizens gradually lose any ability to think.

This is to refresh readers' minds after so much unpleasantness contemplating the "hairy potter" series' vial of poison injected into the thoughts of readers who are receptive to the various dark messages conveyed.

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