Beautiful Plaque for RoyalMartyrs' Centennial installed

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Beautiful Plaque for RoyalMartyrs' Centennial installed

Postby Barbara » Sun 25 November 2018 4:00 am


A tasteful, imperial-looking plaque was consecrated on the Feast Day of the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco, November 6, 2018, a Tuesday. Fastened to a wall surrounding the Church above a set of stairs, it appears from the pictures, the striking new addition creates a permanent educational lesson for all visitors, both religious and secular, to this famous San Francisco monument.

The plaque says in Russian and English the poignant words :

"In Memory
of the Holy Royal Martyrs
tormented and slain
by the Bolsheviks in Ekaterinburg
on the 4/17 of July, 1918."

The prayer said at the consecration was also moving :

For the 100th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Holy Royal Family

O Creator and Companion of the human race, Giver of spiritual grace and Bestower of salvation: Do Thou, O Lord, through Thy Holy Spirit, send forth Thy great blessing upon this monument, raised up to the memory of Thy Holy Royal Martyrs: the Tsar-martyr Nicholas, Tsaritsa-martyr Alexandra, Tsarevich-martyr Alexei, the Princess-martyrs Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, together with their faithful servants, martyred at the hands of the atheists. We pray, O Lord: forgive the sins of Thy people, who did not forestall the murder of their Tsar, Anointed by Thee. Deliver, O Lord, the Russian land from all evil, wrought by our sins and departure from Thee; and raise up anew the throne of Orthodox Kings. Grant us the forgiveness of sins and establish us in every good deed, that with the deep humility, strength and love that Thy Martyrs revealed, we also might attain the Heavenly Kingdom, where, united with all the Holy New-Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, we may glorify Thee: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages."

>>> Note the inclusion here of the key petition to God to "raise up anew the throne of Orthodox Kings".
Also note that the prayer wisely does not specify the Romanov dynasty, but requests Heaven to grant the return of [ presumably a lengthy line of God-guided ] Orthodox monarchs to rule Russia.

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