Was St John of SF a diabetic ?

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Was St John of SF a diabetic ?

Postby Barbara » Sat 13 October 2018 4:01 am

This video is of an impromptu talk given by Rocor-MP Archpriest Sergei Kotar at the door of the crypt where St John Maximovitch was originally buried after his repose in 1966.

This crypt, by the way, is the very site of the historic opening of the Saint's relics on October 11-12, 1993. Thus, this year, as many are aware, is the 25th anniversary of that momentous occasion.

While some of the narration is of usual facts, there are a few surprises. These include much more detail about the permission to bury St John under the Holy Virgin Cathedral than I had ever heard.

So it's worth listening to the entire 32 minute talk by a long time Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral Priest :


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