SilouanMtAthos 80th Anniversary of repose

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SilouanMtAthos 80th Anniversary of repose

Postby Barbara » Mon 24 September 2018 12:32 am

I see he reposed Sept 24, 1938 at 2 am. I got this info from a Serbian documentary showing the places where Fr. Silouan lived on Mt Athos. The footage of St Panteleimon's Monastery and other Athonite venues was of value. I am still not convinced. Nor am I curious to learn any more about this figure or his life.

Tomorrow, Sept 24, 2018, is the 80th anniversary of Fr Silouan's repose.

I guess it was a good moment to find this film, which somehow popped up in the youtube margin.

The best part for me of the 40 minute clip is the singing of snippets of "Agni Parthene" at the beginning.

It's the best version of the Hymn "O Pure Virgin" : that done by Hierodeacon Herman [German] of Valaam and his choir in the 1990s. [ See : viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11903 ].

Interesting choice, as Valaam was called The Northern Athos.

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