World Orthodoxy and the Name-Worshiping Heresy

DIscussion and News concerning Orthodox Churches in communion with those who have fallen into the heresies of Ecumenism, Renovationism, Sergianism, and Modernism, or those Traditional Orthodox Churches who are now involved with Name-Worshiping, or vagante jurisdictions. All Forum Rules apply. No polemics. No heated discussions. No name-calling.

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World Orthodoxy and the Name-Worshiping Heresy

Postby Barbara » Sat 24 October 2015 4:35 pm

Thanks for reminding all readers about the truth ! It's good that at least ONE site on the internet is standing up for the truth about this 'elder' Sophrony. That way, at least people searching can have access to our side of the story. Rather than all the goopy admiration poured out upon the figures from the Essex monastery of St John the Forerunner.
Some Western converts may be saved from following them
I really can't to even HEAR ANY of their names.


    So now we have the facts about elder Ephraim having started the Arizona St Anthony's Monastery AFTER he departed Rocor.
    Why would he have done that ???
    He should have stayed there. He could have always transferred to a TOC - which he SHOULD HAVE DONE -
    after the 2007 'union'. Instead he "went liberal". Why ?

    Is there a Greek nationalistic aspect to the thinking ? That even if it's GOA, it's still Greek as opposed to Russian ?
    As we know, though, there ARE Russian style chapels, icons etc. at St Anthonys.
    Is that a gambit to attract Russian and other peoples ? Or sincere appreciation for the traditional Russian Orthodox path ?


Please keep on topic. I have split out your comment above on Elder Ephraim and have placed it in the thread dedicated to Elder Ephraim.

In Christ,

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