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Postby d9popov » Tue 5 February 2019 9:46 pm



One interesting thing about the Ukrainian church conflicts is how inaccurate the media reports have been (often the opposite of reality). Numerous reports indicated that the Patriarch of Constantinople made the Orthodox Church in Ukraine fully independent of Moscow in 2018, after 300 years of submission to the Russian Church. The reality completely contradicts that characterization. Before Constantinople got involved in 2018, there were three large Ukrainian churches, two that have been completely independent of Moscow since 1991 (and still are after Constantinople's intervention in 2018), and one that had loose ties to Moscow since 1991 (and still does after Constantinople's intervention in 2018). Those basic facts were not changed by Constantinople, hence it is completely inaccurate to claim that "the Patriarch of Constantinople made the Orthodox Church in Ukraine fully independent of Moscow in 2018." What did change is that Constantinople unified the two independent Ukrainian churches (in theory) and recognized the unified church; and Constantinople "unrecognized" the church with loose ties to Moscow. This was a complete flip-flop on Constantinople's part, since it had consistently held since 1991 that the two independent churches were illegitimate and the one with ties to Moscow was the only legitimate one. The media have been irresponsible in omitting these facts. Much of the Eastern Orthodox Christian world believes that the Patriarch of Constantinople is interfering in Ukrainian church life in a way that violates Orthodox church law and precedent. It is not just "Moscow propaganda," but seems to be the majority viewpoint. The media have been irresponsible in omitting the fact of the massive opposition to Constantinople's claims to jurisdiction in Ukraine.

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Postby Madison Grant » Fri 15 March 2019 10:36 am

The above video link has footage of Ukrainian KP priest manhandling elderly female faithful; it is a 3min video clip.

Things are hot in Ukraine with "God and Country", and all that.

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