Strict rules for St Paisius Convent, Arizona pilgrims

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Re: Strict rules for St Paisius Convent, Arizona pilgrims

Postby Barbara » Tue 29 May 2018 2:22 am

That's a good question. It seemed to have been stated in a vague way elsewhere a few months ago, so I looked to see if there is any update or amplification on St Paisius' website. The About Us description skirts around the question by saying that the Monastery :

"lives out its monastic life with the blessing of His Eminence KYRILL of San Francisco and Western America (ROCOR) and His Grace Bishop MAXIM of the Western American Diocese (Serbian Church)"

[ Note the OCA-style capitalization of Bishops' names. That always looks odd to me : it was never done by Rocor. Even Metropolitans never signed their names in all caps. It doesn't seem humble to shout out a hierarch's name like it's the most important thing the eye should catch on a page.
Not sure whether the Serbian Patriarchate employs this capitalization ; maybe so. ]

I will be writing more in a few days about this Safford Arizona Monastery's predecessor, the St Paisius Convent in the famous apple growing area of Forestville, California [ that is, if anyone is interested ].

Nuns process amongst tasteful landscaping, all done by their own efforts, according to the St Paisius website

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